Tureddu the enchanted valley

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In the heart of the Supramonte of Orgosolo
Sa Badde de Tureddu, as it is known to all, is part of what we can consider the primary holm oak of the Supramonte.

Not far from the best known “Sas Baddes” is easily accessible and up to a certain point you can also get there by car. Getting into this wood is like diving into a surreal atmosphere, where the only disturbing elements are us: human beings.

Elihe de Tureddu
S’Elihe de Tureddu

The particularity of this place is due to the presence of an extraordinary holm oak grown on a rock; a truly majestic plant that is located a few hundred meters from the ford along the right bank of the river: S’Elihe de Tureddu (Il Leccio di Tureddu). Finding this tree was a bit ‘the spring that this week has driven us to venture into the woods of the Supramonte despite the uncertain and decidedly autumn time.

Our route begins at the Ilodei Malu barracks in the direction of Funtana Bona and Monte Novo San Giovanni. Leaving the Monte we continue on the road to our right that leads us to Sa Badde ‘and S’Ospile where we reach the famous sheepfolds of Badu’ and S’Eni. The road all in all is easy, with a little ‘caution you get here without further complications.

Cuile Badu ‘e S’eni

From this point on, however, it would be better to leave the cars because the road becomes a bit difficult for two-wheel drive and follow the carrereccia on foot for about 600 m until you reach the ford of the stream. In a succession of vegetation to say the least extraordinary, the intense green color of the moss catches our attention, sometimes we stop to listen to the sounds of the forest, we are not alone in fact, and despite our slow and discreet progress, our presence is noticed by the true inhabitants of the place, hidden among the vegetation, studying our every move.

In fact, when we arrive at the famous Elihe de Tureddu (Leccio di Tureddu), a beautiful specimen of mouflon awaits us imposing over the rock, then perhaps disturbed by our presence, runs away along the river, we can see it for a moment while disappears in the woods quickly.

The Mouflon disappears along the torrent proper behind the holm of Tureddu.

We begin to photograph, still some shots before leaving this enchanted place whose silence is occasionally broken by some bird that rises in flight or from the pigs that follow us in the hope of picking up some food.

Let’s go back to the old mule track, now turned into a kind of dirt road, and we are moving towards the car. Sometimes it takes only a few kilometers to find oneself immersed in uncontaminated nature or almost. Route: about 15 km from Monte Novo San Giovanni. Possibility to cover the entire stretch on foot or just a piece leaving the cars to the sheepfolds, fun even the entire route in Mountain Bike.

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