Trekking in Sardinia: the trails and the best routes

The Trekking routes in Sardinia are virtually inexhaustible.

Trekking in Sardinia is a sport in constant ascent, much loved and practiced. We are not only guides but also regular practitioners, with an experience of several years on the paths of our beautiful island.

The most famous trekking itineraries are developed over several days of walking, through vast impervious and essentially uninhabited areas, particularly along the eastern and western coasts.

There are also large itineraries that cross the central area and the mining area of Sulcis Iglesiente. Furthermore, trekking routes have recently been developed in Gallura.


There are some trekking itineraries in Sardinia that have become classics and that generations of hikers have traveled during these years. The most famous trails require several days to complete and some such as the Selvaggio Blu or the Trekking delle sette cale are reserved for expert hikers and also need mountaineering equipment.

La vista su un tratto del Selvaggio Blu vicino a Bacu Padente
The view on a stretch of the Selvaggio Blu, near Bacu Padente

Among the great itineraries are undoubtedly the GTS (Grande Traversata del Supramonte) and the GTG (Grande Traversata del Gennargentu) which can be easily connected in order to create a big single path, and the Cammino di Santa Barbara a path which winds through the Parco Geo Minerario in Sulcis-Iglesiente.

Sa Macchina Beccia, pozzo minerario abbandonato lungo il Cammino di Santa Barbara
Sa Macchina Beccia, abandoned mining pit along the Cammino di Santa Barbara.

Trekking in Sardinia takes time. It is no coincidence that those who decide to discover our island on foot, must plan his trip with some care. In fact, although it is very easy to reach Sardinia by plane or by boat, once you get there, there are no equipped rest areas along these paths and you have to bring everything you need to complete the route. In some cases it is possible to contact local guides, who can bring supplies along the route and provide logistical support.

Our favorite trails of Trekking in Sardinia

In these years we have traveled many of these paths, usually looking for photographic opportunities and we have never been disappointed. They are places of great beauty, not always easy to reach but worth walking hours.

Some of these we have traveled to accompany other people, and this has allowed us to gather a series of useful information that we have decided to share.

For our friends to have a Hiking Guide was a great benefit: many of the small difficulties related to the organization of the excursion were eliminated and were able to fully enjoy the trek.

Sara a Cala Mariolu
Sara Muggittu under the arch that leads to Cala Mariolu (Ispulisgidenie) one of the most beautiful coastal trekking paths of Sardinia

In addition to trekking, in Sardinia it is possible to practice all sorts of outdoor activities, and enthusiasts are constantly increasing. People who also move in MTB, on horseback or in Kayak and who try new disciplines like the aquatrek.

The explosion of interest in trekking has led some expert guides to put their experience on paper and have published several volumes and many websites on the subject.

We are also working on a volume dedicated to some of the paths that we consider particularly fascinating and which we will shortly present on this site.

Each of the trekking itineraries we have proposed here on the site presents aspects that in our opinion are very interesting for those who are approaching hiking in Sardinia.

These are fairly short routes of no more than thirty kilometers and can be covered in a day or two with an overnight stay in some ancient fold.

Sometimes these are not easy itineraries in which the use of mountaineering equipment is compulsory, because maybe they are paths equipped in the ledge or even real via ferrata, or because the descents are feasible only with ropes.

The reason why we have described these paths is very trivial that they are the ones that entertain us and that give us the opportunity to enjoy extraordinary panoramas.

We are therefore usually talking about trekking routes classified EEA, that is, for expert hikers and with mountaineering equipment, this naturally requires a careful assessment of their abilities, their physical condition and a series of other essential measures: verification of weather and equipment, communications etc.

In these paths it is strongly recommended, if not essential, to be accompanied by an expert guide or assistance from instructors, who may for example be those of the many sports associations operating in these territories.

How to reach the  Trekking itineraries in Sardinia

since some routes, the longest and most demanding ones, require several days, it is not always possible to leave the car at the beginning of the trail. Also because not all are ring routes.

The simplest solution, also because of the roads often unfit for normal cars, is obviously to be accompanied at the beginning of the path and once finished to be picked up.

There are associations and even specialized companies that can make transfers to the areas from which they leave for trekking and of course the return.

One of the advantages of this solution (which we strongly recommend) is that someone knows you are on the move, knows where you need to arrive and when, also ensuring greater speed to any research if you lose your way or any unforeseen event occurs.

On the large crossings and on routes such as the Selvaggio Blu, the transfer service is almost essential.

Unless you travel with a group of friends and then you can make the shuttle between the beginning and the end of the track.

Our routes have almost always been tackled in two and with only one car. Except for rare exceptions we have made circular routes and this is one of the reasons why we wanted to include these excursions: they are easy even for very small groups, even for the solitary trekker.

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