Trekking from Sa Portiscra to Cala Fuili

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New Year 2019 in Supramonte

Those who know us by now will have become accustomed to the fact that for us the New Year is different. As for last year, this year we organized an overnight stay in traditional Cuile and a beautiful trek for the first of the year 2019.

Il tramonto sul mare dal rifugio forestale de Sa Portiscra

This year Mauro and Natascia joined us, enthusiastic about this alternative in the middle of nature. We “stayed” at the Forest Oasis of Sa Portiscra, not far from Genna Silana. With us also the forestry Marco that has kept us company until after midnight. Having contacted the site manager in time we had the opportunity to stay in the building site and we willingly gave the cuile to other hikers.

Un po di atmosfera prima del nostro cenone

Not far from the shipyard you can also visit the nuragic village of Or Murales and with a little trek you can also reach the cave of Su Crabargiu (for expert people and accompanied by speleological guides), which we also had time to visit we.

However, the whole area is full of trails and from here there are also trekking for the Codula di Luna and Teletottes.

Il cuile de Sa Portiscra

A really nice evening, we could not better greet 2018! Between a roasted and the other, lots of talk, a bit of cannonau wine, we toast to the new year!

The next morning, once the room has been set, we are going to march, we expect a bit of km, about 17, to get to Cala Fuili.

Un alba bellissima è il nostro buongiorno del 1 gennaio 2019

From the Forestry Yard, once an oasis of repopulation of the Sardinian deer, we are moving towards a beautiful dirt road that will gradually take us to Fruncu Farruzzu and Fruncu Su Cunnu ‘e S’ebba. As you go up the landscape becomes more and more interesting with the Codula di Luna, and the ridges of Serra Oseli on our right.

L’inizio del nostro trekking
La Codula di Luna

Slowly we move towards Suttaterra, a small detour to our path that will take us to Punta Nuraghe where we can admire the famous arch that on one side looks towards Gorroppu and on the other the valley of Oddoene, Surtana, the ridges of Corrasi, Sovana. A marvel indeed.

Panorama dall’Arco di Suttaterra o Punta Nuraghe

La gola di Gorroppu vista dall’arco

Then the day was fantastic, the sun accompanied us throughout the excursion. I leave you to imagine the wonder and the colors of this adventure!

We arrive at the arch, skirting the sheepfolds of Suttaterra with the shepherd who observes us attentively; the arch can also be easily reached from the SS 125 along an ancient mule track. Panorama really breathtaking, and think that only a week before we crossed the opposite slope towards Ziu Raffaele !!!

Marco in posa a Punta Nuraghe

After a short break, we resume our journey towards Fuili through the primary forest of Ghivine, where we find the remains of ancient settlements and huge stone walls covered with green moss.

Amazement, wonder and silence, these were the feelings that accompanied us throughout the journey.

La foresta primaria di Ghivine

Il pozzo nuragico di Ghivine

ust enough time to take some shots and some videos and start again towards the entrance of Codula di Fuili, where we will take the path that will take us to the Cala. Every traces of old cuiles appear, some well arranged and usable.

We arrive just before sunset, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach greets our arrival. Tired but satisfied we return to take the car left in Sa Portiscra, but our mind already work on the next adventure. And our legs now trained by more than 60 km at the turn of 2018 and 2019, can not wait to take the paths of Sardinia.

L’arrivo a Cala Fuili

For those interested, on our profile of Wikiloc we have uploaded the track of the route.

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