Is Tostoinus

Is Tostoinus Sara

We travel several routes of Sardinia every week and during our explorations we happen to discover unusual and wonderful places. Almost by chance, following some roads in the forest, we came to this almost fairytale place: Is Tostoinus.…

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Pedra Longa Us Piggius

Pedra Longa Us Piggius Sara

The first stage of the Blue Wild A splendid trekking itinerary in Sardinia, an excursion that takes place in an environment that alternates with Mediterranean scrub, woods and limestone with a panoramic view of the sea. Starting from Pedra Longa, a natural monument of the island, the trail heads towards the famous Punta Giradili where…

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Cala Goloritzè

Cala Goloritzè Sara

Cala Goloritzè is one of the most beautiful coves on the coast of Baunei, you can get there with an easy but suggestive trekking. The beach can be reached from the Golgo Plateau, leaving from the Su Porteddu restaurant in about a couple of hours. The path, very beautiful, winds along the homonymous Bacu through…

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Cala Mariolu (Ispuligidenie)

Cala Mariolu (Ispuligidenie) Sara

A classic trekking in Sardinia, immersed in the wild blue between spectacular juniper steps, stone arches and dense forests that will allow us to reach the beach of Cala Mariolu or Ispuligidenie, its name in origin. Ispuligidenie means “Snow Flea” because of the tiny white and pink round pebbles that characterize the beach; the name…

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Tiscali Cave (photographic)

Tiscali Cave (photographic) Sara

Sardinia is often mentioned for its karstic phenomena, caves, gorges, sinkholes and complex karst systems, underground environments that well illuminated give intense photographic emotions. In this excursion there will be a photographic workshop inside the Voriscali of Tiscali using the Light Painting technique.…

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Crests of the Supramonte

Crests of the Supramonte Sara

A Trekking on the crests of the Supramonte that winds from the Ottulu area up to Punta Sa Pruna, touching the highest peaks of the Supramonte of Orgosolo. An opportunity to admire breathtaking views from above. On the way back we will go to visit the doline of Adarre and re-enter through a rift in…

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Scala Mpedrada

Scala Mpedrada Sara

Scala Mpedrada is a trekking route for expert hikers, it is equipped for double rope descents and winds through the granite mountains of San Pantaleo. A succession of thrilling drops of which one directly on the void in a tafone altogether 30 m high. EEA Difficulty Degree Approach 1.30 ‘/ 2 h Approximately 3 h…

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Badde de Tureddu

Badde de Tureddu Sara

The “Badde de Tureddu”, as it is known to all, is part of what we can consider the primary holm-oak of the Supramonte. Not far from the best known “Sas Baddes” is easily accessible and up to a certain point you can also get there by car. Getting into this wood is like diving into…

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Gorroppu Sara

Gorroppu is a deep canyon located in the Supramonte, on the border between the municipalities of Orgosolo and Urzulei. The Canyon originated from the intense erosive action caused by the waters of the Rio Flumineddu…

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Supramonte the route of the Nuraghi

Supramonte the route of the Nuraghi Sara

Trekking in Supramonte THE ROUTE OF THE NURAGHI it is one of our most interesting excursion proposal and starts from the Supramonte of Urzulei and reaches the one of Orgosolo passing through Sa Giuntura where the Flumineddu and Codula Orbisi come together to enter the Gorroppu canyon always visible along our entire itinerary. Spectacular paths…

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