Trekking poles

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Why it is important to use them

For some hikers they are indispensable equipment and the number of those who use them is increasing considerably. In this article we will try to briefly explain the reasons why you should choose to use them and how.

The sticks, usually used in pairs, are very useful to lighten the load on the legs and in particular on the knees. They are a great help, especially downhill, for those who suffer particularly in the joints of the leg that in these conditions, especially with a steep slope, suffer a lot.

They are indicated to help keep the balance in very rough terrain and also on the streams, they help to maintain a good rhythm in coordination with the arms, they help to keep the concentration and in addition they are a great way to burn calories as they involve in the I also use the upper muscles of the body.

One thing to keep well in mind is the right posture for using uphill poles or steep slopes. An incorrect position of the back during the ascents could lead to an imbalance of the torso. In this case the poles must be very close to the sides to avoid a large expenditure of energy that this position could bring.

So far we have listed the pros but it is good to keep the cons:

The movement of the arms increases the amount of energy required by the body;
Leaning on sticks reduces the biomechanical efficiency of carrying a backpack;
The improper use of the laces can cause injuries in case of falls due and therefore entrapment of the wrist;
Sticks can get stuck on bushes or roots while hiking on narrow paths;
Steel tips can be potentially harmful to rocks and fragile plants;
Care must be taken when walking through the scree to keep the sticks from breaking;

Are you convinced that using trekking poles is useful? Well now let’s learn to choose the right ones.
First thing: single or couple depends on you, we recommend the pair because the load is distributed more evenly. The length is important, the elbows must form an angle of 90 degrees once the sticks are placed on the ground. Before buying, we recommend checking the adjustability, the degree of flexibility, shock absorption, weight and locking mechanisms (for adjustable sticks).

Our personal advice is to take them with you during trekking, they can really solve unpleasant situations. As happened in Marco during the New Year trek. Marco suffers a lot of knees and the use of downhill sticks was essential to help him progress. Without probably it would have had serious difficulty to return

A curiosity

Our friend Jose Aneris published the slide the other day in which the kilos absorbed by the sticks are shown. Well did you know that for every step your sticks absorb 8 kg? Try to report them for the number of steps per minute, you will discover some really interesting data.

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