The importance of a good Trekking shoe

The importance of a good Trekking shoe Marco

How much is a trekking boot worth?

Very, very much in my opinion.
Those who, like us, mill miles on foot on rough roads and in all weather conditions know that it is essential to rely on a robust and reliable shoe.
And that’s comfortable.

I have always preferred lightweight hiking shoes, with cordura upper and some leather inserts. Shoes with the Gore-Tex ™ interior, shock absorbing inserts and almost always with the Vibram® sole.

All this until I had to confront seriously with the sharp limestone of the Supramonte of Orgosolo and Baunei or with the rough granite of Gallura.

The real problem of limestone as soon as you leave a path is that erosion turns the rock into a stretch of sharp blades that destroy every type of shoe and impose unpredictable movements to the foot during the progression, while the granite eroded by the wind seems a grater that eats the soles.

After four years of intensive use the sole is being consumed, it will be necessary to resole them. The upper is instead perfect.

On the wet limestone instead the normal soles are unusable because it becomes extremely slippery and the risk of hurting me is very high. A solution would be to use soles with very special compounds such as those that we use in canyoning, but they are too delicate to be used in trekking, so on the wet limestone you do not go out if it is not essential.

So after literally disintegrating my latest lightweight hiking boots in Cordura, I decided three years ago to move on to the classic leather boots, those from the mountains to be clear.

Of course here in Sardinia we do not have the extreme conditions of the Alps, but I still needed a shoe that would guarantee grip, adequate support for the ankle and a certain protection against impacts with rocks.

So I went to Mario Naitana in Alghero who specializes in articles of this type and is himself a hiker. So very calmly, in a couple of hours, I tried several pairs of trekking boots, until there are only two left to compare:
The first is a pair of monumental mountain boots by Dolomite, the classic green, sturdy and rigid as if they were made of wood but very charming and comfortable; and then these that I use even now of the Crispi the Nevada HGT Legend the differences in appearance and in the fit are actually few and it was not easy to choose.

For me they were both perfect, at the end after several tests I took the Crispi but I’m sure I would not have regretted if I had taken the Dolomite.
They have the upper in water repellent leather, inside in Gore-Tex ™ and Vibram® sole both, more suitable absorbing inserts inside.

The first exit, as always with new shoes, was very light, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I did not suffer much, then day by day they were always better and after three or four outings were perfect.

I have been there for four years, I have done everything and are still beautiful: from hiking on the rock as in Scala ‘Mpedrada (pictured) km of trekking along the paths of Supramonte. During the flood that hit Olbia in 2013 and then in 2015 I kept them for days working in the mud and water and I kept my feet always dry. I also use them in the summer despite the weight certainly not small.

On the granites of Gallura my Crispi have really given their best: perfect adherence and robustness to all test.

Go from the light boot that we often find in large stores of sports goods to a big boot, heavy and indestructible and that costs twice as much for me was a definite improvement, which I recommend to those who want to do so many miles on the trails.

Now the sole is being consumed but there is no problem it is enough to resole them (something that is not always feasible or convenient, with low-end products).

Highly recommended.

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