Trekking poles

Trekking poles Sara

Why it is important to use them For some hikers they are indispensable equipment and the number of those who use them is increasing considerably. In this article we will try to briefly explain the reasons why you should choose to use them and how. The sticks, usually used in pairs, are very useful to…

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The importance of a good Trekking shoe

The importance of a good Trekking shoe Marco

How much is a trekking boot worth? Very, very much in my opinion. Those who, like us, mill miles on foot on rough roads and in all weather conditions know that it is essential to rely on a robust and reliable shoe. And that’s comfortable. I have always preferred lightweight hiking shoes, with cordura upper…

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Cycling Guide of Sardinia

Cycling Guide of Sardinia Sara

5 Itineraries in 24 Stages around Sardinia A cycling atlas of Sardinia that describes five itineraries divided into twenty-four stages with information on accommodation facilities. For all cycle tourists who wish to personalize their cycling holidays in Sardinia. Author: Autonomous Region of Sardinia Edited by: Sardegna Ricerche Photographic materials: Adam Manrico, Spanu Enrico, Egidio Trainito…

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Mountain Bike Guide in Sardinia

Mountain Bike Guide in Sardinia Sara

Two itineraries to discover the dirt roads of the island. 25 Stages with an average length of 50 km, divided according to the road book scheme. The two itineraries are joined in a nodal point in the center of Sardinia. Everyone can, following this book, realize his personalized tour.…

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