Sa Spendula

Sa Spendula Sara

Canyoning in Villacidro Sa Spendula is the last waterfall of the Rio Coxinas, located a few km from Villacidro. The final sequence of three waterfalls is very spectacular, of which the last is the highest (25 m) and ends near a park.…

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Baccu Locci

Baccu Locci Sara

Small canyon in the territory of Villaputzu recently equipped by Jose Aneris, Antonello Azara with the contribution of Tamara Loi. The canyon is located in the mining area, in the jump of Quirra, in a very beautiful territory from the naturalistic point of view. The presence of old abandoned mines makes it even more interesting.…

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Arredaulu Sara

Canyoning in Sardinia from Gennargentu to Flumendosa Arredaulu Canyon is one of the canyon with more jumps in Sardinia, 17 in total almost all in sequence with a maximum drop of 20 m. The canyon is located in the territory of Aritzo and is fed by tributaries that come directly from the Gennargentu and then…

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Sas Ragas de Su Duttore

Sas Ragas de Su Duttore Sara

Canyon su Duttore Padru Small and fun canyon in the Municipality of Padru equipped by the Association Canyon in Gallura that we thank for the precious indications. Approach road to Monte Nieddu, necessary shuttle: wp downstream parking 40 ° 44’54.2 “N 9 ° 32’36.1” E wp upstream parking 40 ° 44’23.8 “N 9 ° 33’14.4”…

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Su Achile ‘e S’Orcu

Su Achile ‘e S’Orcu Sara

Canyoning in Lodè In the valley of Sant’Anna, in the municipality of Lodè, it has recently been equipped by the Canyon in Gallura Association, a beautiful gorge. We traveled on Saturday 18 March, with a discreet water flow that makes the distance fun. 7 jumps in total of which one inside a beautiful cave, a…

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