Canyoning under the stars in Rio Pitrisconi

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An evening in the canyon with old and new friends


The idea that Paolo Vinci had in 2016, that is to go along a gorge at night in the light of the moon, has again enjoyed great enthusiasm among the canyoning friends, and Saturday, almost two years after the first edition, the repetition was really exciting.

The team before the descent poses for the photo
The team before the descent poses for the photo

Difficult to explain the emotions that are felt on these occasions maybe not even the photos or video can make the idea.

So we found ourselves among old and new friends, with a passion for canyoning that goes beyond the simple concept of sport. It is about pure sharing, of care and attention because traveling through a canyon at night is not so trivial. The fun is the other positive note, laugh, joking but always with eyes wide open.

It was as if we were staying together every week, a good feeling before and even after !! Dips, slides, descents, everything perfect, even the refreshment at “casizzolu” inside the gorge.

Only us and the moonlight and frontal stacks with the musical background of the tree frogs that have made the atmosphere even more beautiful.

Rio Pitrisconi di notte si trasforma, una meraviglia poi il suono delle raganelle
Rio Pitrisconi is transformed at night, then the sound of tree frogs is marvelous

Canyoning in Sardinia is a sport that in recent years is literally exploding and enthusiasts are now so many and constantly increasing. The potential that our island offers in this sense, are many.

This year then the heavy rains have made many canyons more entertaining by increasing the flow of water.

The nocturnal journey is an exceptional event, we have chosen since the first edition a beautiful canyon, Rio Pitrisconi, which offers several funny descents and if we also want a little technical.

Le pile frontali illuminano quanto basta, è la GoPro che di notte fatica.
The frontal batteries light up enough, it’s the GoPro that struggles at night.

The result was that of a night, in the true sense of the word that saw us together also for the final roast and the banquet until dawn!

Silenziosi ma non troppo scivoliamo nell'acqua come incursori, insomma, più o meno...
Silent but not too much slip into the water as raiders, in short, more or less …

This is the outdoor spirit that we would like to see more and more often in Sardinia. We will continue to strive to ensure that this sport and in general all outdoor activities can be shared more and more in safety and respect for the environment.

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