Canyoning in Villaputzu


Canyoning surprises in the Salto of Quirra

This area often passed to the news for military occupation and for investigations on environmental pollution, in reality it is a true “mine” naturalistic. An ideal place to practice hiking, Mtb and now even canyoning

An outdoor paradise that just recently saw the commitment of various associations and private citizens who are rediscovering their qualities. And it is thanks to some of them ASD Geolander, Gallura Avventura and Tamara Loi that just a few weeks ago several gorges were equipped. Then presented at the Vivi Villaputzu event along with many other activities.

Some of these insist in the mining area, and it is just starting from Baccu Locci that you can go through different gorges. The homonymous one, that you find on our site in the Canyoning section, starts right next to the mining settlement.

The others require a further approach first off-road (recommended) and then a few tens of minutes on foot. Along the approach path from the locality Corr’e Cerbu, you can find several rest areas with tables and roasters. A true paradise, also interesting from the point of view of hiking. The gorges in this period do not have much flow, but still remain fun. Given the persistence of the rains these days it will not be unlikely to find water to be able to have fun.

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