About us

Viaggio in Sardegna is a portal and a social network that counts many thousands of users and followers. Enthusiasts who connect daily to be informed of the activities of tourism active in Sardinia and related services including board and lodging, we are affiliated to CSEN and registered in the Register CONI n.277888.

The Association […] Favors the practice of Hiking, outdoor activities, Environmental Education, Canyoning, Yoga, MTB, Sailing and in general all Outdoor sports. Promotes the territory and local traditions, through the publication of Guides, Books, Manuals. Assists municipalities and territories in the promotion of their activities, preparing graphic projects, projects, funding projects and support for cultural activities. It promotes and organizes activities and sporting events, culture, art, entertainment and tourism. We also organize workshops, events, exhibitions and photography courses.

Our passion for outdoor travels parallel to that for photography, which is also a profession since we often make commissioned images or photo shoots.

Sardinia is like a great open-air theater that gives immense possibilities both for landscape photography and for commercial ones, with a very suggestive location, so that every excursion is also prepared according to the realization of some shots. In any case we are able to design and conduct excursions specifically designed for photography.

Sara is an Hiking Guide registered in the Regional Register of the Region of Sardinia No. 692, she has been practicing Hiking and Canyoning for almost 10 years and deals with Photography for over 20. Deep knowledge of the area and the environment is passionate about Archeology and local traditions.

Marco, is also a photographer, a former paratrooper mlitare, his first experiences of canyoning and trekking date back over twenty years ago. Expert in communication and tourism marketing, blogger and web designer is passionate about water sports.

Sara Muggittu – Guida ambientale, fotografa

Marco Bellu prepara una calata a San Pantaleo

Marco Bellu – Fotografo, escursionista