A ray of sunshine in the Tiscali Cave

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A light in the dark

Some time ago Marco and I entered this cave, recorded in the Sardinian Speleological Cadastre as Voragine of Tiscali, 0088 SA / NU. 

The locals call it Sa Nurre de su hoda or ‘onchedda ‘e corojos o ‘onchedda ‘e sa chessa (special thanks to Matteo Cara)

It is located on the right bank of Trocos de Corojos, a few hundred meters on the path is the entrance from below, but in reality there are two known accesses, one from the top with a jump of 85 m on the void and the other , the easiest (so to speak) through a narrow tunnel. The latter is made easier and usable thanks to the precious work of Flavio Catte and the Terranova Association of Olbia.

A few years ago we made some shots inside with the technique of lightpainting and we had promised to come back to photograph the famous ray of sunshine that illuminates part of the cave from the vault. A beautiful phenomenon that we had always wanted to photograph but that various commitments and contingencies had not yet allowed us to do so.

Sunday morning obviously was the right day from all points of view. The show in our eyes is something indescribable. In addition we were able to witness an unexpected musical performance by Enzo Favata that was there for a video / photo service.

In the heart of the earth, illuminated by a surreal light and with a music to make the skin crawl. All around concretions at times illuminated by the sun that slowly with its beam withdraws until the small cave plunges back into the darkness




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